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Are you a really good HVAC, Plumbing, or Drain Tech, but you know you’re worth a lot MORE than what you’re currently getting? Do you work hard and always do the right thing, but you’re not getting the appreciation you deserve? Would you like a job where you actually enjoy going to work each day?

Radiant is the very BEST service company in Austin. We are not the “low cost provider.” We’re the service and results company in town. We take it seriously. We also laugh a lot. Sometimes pretty hard. 

My name is Brad Casebier, and as owner of Radiant my objective is simple: At Radiant, we make our customers happy so that our customers love us.

But that’s why I put my employees FIRST, my customers second.

Sounds crazy, until you understand what we know to be true:

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

This is why I offer the absolute best job in town for a good tech. I train good techs to become great, and I let great employees make great money, and together we make our customers happy — everyone love us, and everyone wins. This is what we DO, and we have a lot of fun doing it!  

If this sounds like the type of company you want to work for, I want you to apply! Call me here at Radiant for a brief and 100% confidential interview. A GREAT job might be just a phone call away! But before you call, there are three things you need to know about my company...

We're Getting Too Many Calls!

This is a pretty awesome problem to have, in one way. On the other hand, we are receiving calls every day that we simply can’t get to right away, we’re so full up.

This does NOT mean I will hire any guy with a license to run calls. People who work for me are all passionate about being or becoming the best at their craft, at delivering the best customer service they can, and these guys all have great personalities too! 

Do YOU belong with us?  


Also: Ask About the New Pay Plan!

If you have interviewed with us in the past, you need to know that we have made a couple major changes in our employee offering.  Please contact us for details!


Contact Us to Learn More!

If you are a really GOOD plumber HVAC tech, or Drain tech in Austin, call me here at Radiant for a brief, 100% confidential interview. A GREAT job might be just a phone call away! 




How to Apply:

We understand that it can be difficult to look for a new job while holding a current position, which is why our application process is 100% confidential. None of the information you provide is ever shared, and you can contact us to apply via any of the following:

  1. Request a call back by filling out the form above
  2. Call 512-201-4520 to speak to me, Brad Casebier 

Ready to build the career of a lifetime as a plumbing, heating, a/c, or drain technician on the Radiant team? Fill out the form, call, or email your application today!


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"On Call" is Stupid

I’m a plumber myself, and I have a family. So I really am serious about Radiant being the absolute BEST place to work in Austin.

On call is something that no one likes, but it is, unfortunately, a part of our business. However, when you are on call at Radiant, you will now only be sent to existing customers with property damaging issues, or existing customers with no heat-a/c. But that rarely happens! 

We prefer to do our work in the daylight, and I refuse to run my guys into the ground catching every call that comes in. 

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Our Door Is Open

We're Austin's best service company and best place to work, and we're looking for qualified home service technicians to join our team!

Are You a Plumbing, Heating, A/C, or Drain Technician?

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No time to fill out an application right now? No problem: simply give us a call on our confidential hiring line or fill out the above form to request a callback, and our hiring department will reach out to you.

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If you don't see the position you're looking for, just enter your email to receive updates regarding open positions at Radiant. This email system is completely confidiential, and you will not recieve any messages other than new opening updates. Stay in tune with what's happening in the Radiant team!

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